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Shipping services offered to its clients by Inter-American Shipping, C.A. (Venezuela) & Inter-American Shipping & Logistics Corp (Panama) as Ship Agency, Chartering, International Freight Forwarding, Protective Agents, Crews Changes Handling, Grabs Rental, General Port Logistics.

Our companies have built a reputation for integrity and excellence withing shipping world and International Freight Forwarding with a global network of freight agents, partners and suppliers.

Our Services

Our Services

C Crew Changes

Crew Changes

We are experts and we have a qualified team to offer our crew management services (ON/OFF) such as the following: 1. Necessary arrangement to obtain entry visa for 72 hours 2. Hotel/accommodation facilities for crew members 3. Airport/port migration procedures and crew custody 4. Transportation service from the airport to the transfer to the ship and transportation service from the port to the airport 5. Medical assistance for crew 6. Assistance to the crew at the airport and port

S Ship Agents

Ship Agents

Port agents for all types of vessels. We act on behalf of ship owners and charterers, providing local knowledge and experience and ensuring that the needs or requirements of owners/charterers are met. We are familiar with all relevant regulations and requirements relating to the port, area or sector in which we operate, have a wide range of relevant contacts and are sufficiently well established and well founded to be able to provide the level of service and support required. Our jobs that may be required of you include securing ship supplies, arranging crew changes, handling, maintenance and repairs, berthing, customs documentation for spare parts and other formalities.

P Protective Agents

Protective Agents

The responsibilities of protection agents are assigned to specific areas of authority by their clients who want their interests to be protected locally. As Shipowners Protection Agents (OPAs) and also Charterers/Cargo Owners (CPAs) we supervise the counterparty agent during the entire port call, which helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many of the actors involved in a port call.

R Rental of Grabs

Rental of Grabs

We rent our equipment for loading and unloading ships in port. You may be interested to know that bucket hire is one of our most popular services and we have buckets available for hire in port from 5m3 up to 12m3.

G General port logistics

General port logistics

We offer the best services for port logistics: 1. General Shipping Agents 2. Stevedores for unloading/loading of fractional loads, Steel Bulker 3. Operators of vessels to unload Project Cargo 4. Port transport rental 5. Bucket rental 6. Survey Draft

C Chartering


We offer ship brokering services that includes, Maritime Consultancy combines brokerage and chartering of all types of cargoes, transportation at competitive rates, our services includes also, cargo handling, discharging supervisión, protective, survey&inspections, port management expertise and big data. We work diligently on behalf or our clients looking the Marketplace to find the appropriate shipping vessel. We put constant effort in improving the quality of our services, totally oriented to satisfy customers requeriments, we chárter vessels ensuring timely shipment in accordance with their letter of credit requeriments on their behalf or as contract carrier.

I International Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarding

Through innovation and creativity, we provide a bespoke solutions to fit your needs. We are specialized for any cargo type. As international freight forwarder provides comprehensive global import, export and cross trade solutions: we have the transport solution that you need and your cargo is safe in our hands.

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