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We feel privileged to introduce Inter-American Shipping C.A, since 2014, has been operating to satisfy the needs of clients who require services related to Shipping, Marine and Logistics areas.

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Ship´s Agents

Ship´s Agents

General port logistics

General port logistics

Protective Agents

Protective Agents

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We manage services and product information in partnership with suppliers, business representatives and customers to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability for all.  Some of our services:

Ship Agents

Port agents for all types of vessels. We act on behalf of ship owners and charterers, providing local knowledge and experience...

Crew Changes

We are experts and we have a qualified team to offer our crew management services (ON/OFF)...

Protective Agents

The responsibilities of protection agents are assigned to specific areas of authority...

Rental of Grabs

We rent our equipment for loading and unloading ships in port...

General port logistics

We offer the best services for port logistics: 1. General Shipping Agents...

Chartering, Ship Agency & Freight Forwarding

We offer ship brokering services that includes, Maritime Consultancy combines brokerage and chartering of all types of cargoes...

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